Policy on safety, health and environment in the workplace.

• The company support training to improve the environment and worker safety as well as how to promote safety activities.

• The allocation of space to work safely. And the use of equipment that is safe and appropriate for the work performed.

• The staff all wear personal protective equipment at all times correct and proper operation.

• Training to follow safety rules to all staff.

• To monitor and evaluate the implementation of the policy on safety, health and environment in the workplace. To control a serious performance and maximum efficiency.

In terms of safety performance.

• Authorities have tightened dress while working.

• Safety shoes to wear at all times while on duty.

• Staff to wear personal protective equipment appropriate to the task being performed.

• Do not tease each other while working.

• Do not eaters alcohol and are not allowed to work in a drunkenness is strictly prohibited.

• Everyone needs cleaning And storage equipment before work everyday.

• No smoking in the work area.

Activity, safety, health and environment in the workplace.

• Fire practicing and fire drills.

• 5S activities.

• Big Cleaning Day event period

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